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Eco-environment, sustainable development, Hesenyuan Furniture passed FSC COC certification

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On July 12, 2013, Senyuan received the FSC COC certificate from SGS (Swiss General Public Notary, a well-known international organization engaged in inspection, testing, quality assurance and certification), marking the adoption of FSC COC (Sen products) Certification of Chain of Custody. At the heart of the FSC is sustainable forest management. One of the main objectives of the certification is to reduce deforestation, especially to reduce deforestation. A balance must be struck between deforestation and restoration to ensure that the area of the forest does not decrease or increase while meeting the needs of the wood. The FSC also requires greater efforts to protect the environment from environmental protection.
As a huge furniture manufacturer, Senyuan is not only demanding and demanding fine wood. How to find a good balance between economic development and ecological protection, mainly depends on the company’s own raw material utilization technology and social responsibility, and Senyuan adheres to FSC. In the core spirit, enterprises not only pay attention to their own development profits, but also take into account the interests of the society, which also makes Senyuan rely on the sustainable development of society for many years.
Through FSC COC certification, we will enhance Senyuan’s image competitiveness, strengthen corporate management, show good environmental and moral quality to customers and society, ensure market development, and smoothly enter forests that require excellent management. The wood products market is of great help. FSC COC certification mainly includes three aspects: First, purchase FSC materials. The first requirement of the FSC COC is that the raw materials come from quality management forest farms and have suppliers that protect the environment and promote sustainable forest management. Second, according to the product to achieve processing flow production. The production is the same as the conventional method, except that it is necessary to distinguish between FSC and non-FSC products, and record and distinguish between raw material stacking, semi-finished product transfer, and finished product storage and delivery. 3. Promote and use the FSC trademark on the product. This is the core content of the FSC COC certification. Proper use of trademarks is not only the link between our products and consumers. The proper use of FSC labels and trademarks is of great significance to our well-protected environmental image. When consumers find FSC labels on our products or see FSC trademarks on promotional materials, we can be confident that the source of our products has been independently assessed to ensure the long-term economic, social and environmental benefits of the forest.

 Senyuan’s FSC COC certification not only helps break through green barriers, but also enhances the company’s image, enhances social recognition, facilitates publicity and planning, and is more conducive to market development. It will also gain certain advantages in terms of price. The company can use the FSC trademark to promote our FSC certified products, as well as brochures, websites, sales packaging materials and other materials. Other publicity must be applied to the FSC official website and approved by SGS.