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APEC and Senyuan - President Obama stays in villa furniture supplier

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At 9:15 am on November 10, US President Barack Obama arrived in Beijing and will attend the APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting. According to the reception arrangement, Obama’s visit to China for three days went to the villa of Yanqi Lake No. 5, which made the heavily guarded Obama stay in the villa a hot spot.



   In order to provide President Obama with a comfortable environment, Senyuan shares the entire building for the villa of Yanqi Lake No. 5, where President Obama stayed. This is another furniture project that Senyuan shares after the Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.





    Obama’s stay in Villa No. 5 is built according to international standards. The furniture meets the B1 fireproof standard, and the formaldehyde emission does not exceed 0.3 mg (national standard 0.5 mg). In addition to the very demanding materials, the furniture adopts the international design concept, simple and stylish, blends with Chinese style and has deep atmosphere. Senyuan Furniture deepens the design according to ergonomics to make the products more comfortable and uses high-quality materials. Environmentally friendly and durable.


      In the past 20 years, the service of Senyuan Furniture has been oriented to the whole world, including many government projects and engineering cooperation of the International Hotel Management Group. The politicians of Senyuan Furniture have experienced many celebrities. This time, through the residence of President Obama, Villa No. 5, Yanqi Lake, Sen The source once again demonstrates strong furniture manufacturing strength, and also contributes a little to the success of the APEC meeting.