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With fashion ecstasy MOMA CASA Mengma overall woodwork & LEOINTER founder strong collision

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With fashion ecstasy | MOMA / CASA Mengma overall woodwork & LEOINTER founder strong collision

Hua is not extravagant, extraordinary, MOMA/CASA fashion, pursuit of true self, and international ecstasy.

On the 9th, MOMA/CASA welcomed a good friend of the fashion interior design industry - Dr. KONGSAK (friends called Khun Dang).


Dr. KONGSAK, founder of LEOINTER International, has more than 40 years of design experience and master of international architecture and interior design. He has created LEOINTER, one of the most famous interior design companies in Asia and internationally.
His arrival brought a fashion collision between the design world and the whole wood industry, and reached the intention of original product design.
Mr. Jiao Haitao, Chairman of MOMA/CASA, discussed with Khun Dang.
[Jiao Dong]: Khun Dang, your team recently completed Putin Villa, Bahrain Chief Emir Palace, Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace, Myanmar Presidential Office, Syrian Presidential Villa, from the international market point of view, high-end wood customization More and more obvious.
[Khun Dang]: After enjoying the MOMA/CASA products and visiting the exhibition hall in the field, I have seen a very broad prospect. In Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries, I already have a wide range of whole wood market, and the quality of MOMA/CASA And the details can bring a higher quality of life experience, Senyuan Furniture Group has a far-reaching influence in the global tooling customization field, and now launches the high-end full-house custom brand MOMA/CASA, filling the gap in the high-end civilian market. This also provides more choices and guarantees for our project application and cooperation.
[Jiao Dong]: Welcome to recommend MOMA/CASA in the design circle. We rely on 25 years of luxury custom furniture experience to accurately locate the high-end wood market. On the luxury residential section, we completed Shenzhen Bay No.1 and Guangzhou Huiyue Terrace. Signature projects such as Shanghai China Resources Bund and Sanya Sun Bay Villa Group, many celebrity politicians enjoy our products and services, which have laid the confidence that MOMA/CASA has become a high-end whole-wood brand in China. This confidence stems from our years of confidence. The production experience is extended and the product details are harsh.
[Khun Dang]: After visiting the products on site, I have appreciated the details of the craftsmanship, including the hardware inlaying skills, superb, veneer stitching technology, the fullness of the color of the paint, are very internationally competitive details.
[Jiao Dong]: Taste the details of the home, resonating with the high-quality people through unique details. We are constantly upgrading our craftsmanship, which is not difficult for MOMA/CASA. Over the years, the high-end project differentiated customization needs have been leveled by our production level. We hope that our home improvement customers will experience the essence of our global service products.
  Nowadays, we mainly promote the four series of styles of fashion Yue, Yihui Oriental, Janeism and luxury. To a large extent, we create trends according to the mainstream market, and we will never be outdated. I believe that you have a lot of insights about style creation.
[Khun Dang]: The essence of original style creation, from your color matching, material use, are at the forefront of fashion, MOMA / CASA has enough resources to support the uniqueness of the design, difficult to imitate the effect, will make the product style evergreen. The style definition combined with the regional culture can make the brand products more tense.
[Jiao Dong]: It is reported that you have recently launched a high-end residential project in Thailand, which combines light luxury style with some Thai styles. I hope that MOMA/Casa fashion series products can bring you inspiration.
[Khun Dang]: I am very happy. We strive to provide creative standards for customers’ demanding requirements, give full play to the advantages of wood, create a boutique space, and have more opportunities. We can carry out original design cooperation and continuously introduce fashion elements to MOMA/CASA. To provide customers with high-end services for the pursuit of higher prices.
As a leading international interior design group with a good reputation,
Completed more than 400 international projects in 43 years.
Always committed to providing input in all aspects including architectural design and spatial planning.                                                                          

 Khun Dang visits MOMA/CASA Exhibition Center


 Khun Dang visits MOMA/CASA to discuss the process



 Khun Dang visited MOMA/CASA Shenzhen Bay No. 1 Exhibition Room


 Khun Dang visits MOMA/CASA experience furniture products